The Peckham Settlement General Fund welcomes applications for grants ranging from £500-£3,000 to support the local community in Peckham.

We will pay particular attention to grant applications of less than £2,000 and particularly want to hear from tenants and residents organisations, from small and new ventures for whom a grant of £500-£2000 will mean a great deal.

Grants of up to £500 are also available via the Small Grants Fund. 

The Grants Committee meets regularly so your application will receive a response within two to three months.  You can apply at any time.

Please read through the information below before filling in the application form towards the bottom of this page.

If you are applying as a small organisation or group, for whom the application form is inappropriate, please email us at with a short outline proposal (up to 300 words) and your contact details, and we’ll get in touch.

The Grants Committee would like to stress its interest in innovation and urges applicants to spend wisely. The Peckham Settlement has only limited funds to disburse each year and is determined to obtain value for its money and for Peckham.


•    Funding is available from £500 to £3,000

•    Funding is available for capital and revenue costs

•    Funding period to be for a maximum of 3 years

•    Proposed grants style – usually a single payment though stage payments will be used for longer term projects.  All projects will be covered by a signed agreement drawn up by The Peckham Settlement

•    Applications are adjudicated every 8-12 weeks.


Our goals in distributing small grants to partners within Peckham include:

•    Funding necessary work in Peckham and close vicinity in accordance with our charitable objectives

•    Showing support for small groups with whom we have had contact in the past

•    Fostering innovation

•    Funding projects that may be scaled up in future

•    Making a difference


In order to be eligible to apply for and be awarded a grant, applicants will be required to:

•    Demonstrate the skills and expertise to manage and deliver the project

•    Be a legally constituted organisation with appropriate policies and standards in place (though in certain circumstances grants may be made to individuals or unconstituted community organisations)

•    Work with a target group identified in the charitable objectives of The Peckham Settlement

•    Comply with core charity standards of governance and accountability

•    Provide a budget

•    Show at least one year’s financial accounts


Submitted applications will be evaluated against a set of criteria, namely:

•    Clear capability and preferably a track record in implementing projects of the type for which you are seeking funding

•    Demonstrable quality and impact of previous work

•    All service users will usually be from Peckham or occasionally a few from the close vicinity

•   The project description is realistic

•   There is a clear need for the project which will therefore (benefit and/or) generate value for money for Peckham


The Peckham Settlement may choose to –

•    support your project unconditionally

•    offer a grant upon certain conditions which will be explained

•    turn down your application

If you are unsuccessful with your application we will explain why we reached our decision.  You may re-apply six months after your application is declined.


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